The Bhubaneswar city is the capital of Orissa state (now it’s known ias Odisha). It’s also one of the largest city of Odisha state. before independence of India Cuttak was the capital of Orrisa state but later became Bhubaneswar capital state.

The enrollment center for Aadhar card of Bhubaneswar city is open in Chandrasekharpur location.  This UID campus is open in Dash IT center. Contact no. and address is given below:


UID Center 

Dash Information Technology
291/B – Chandrasekharpur,
City: Bhubaneswar
State: Orissa
Pin Code: 751009
Center Code: 751009Z
Phone No.: +91 87632-95972

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  1. susanta kumar patra Says:

    how to get new adhar card in bhubaneswar locality.

  2. Dinabandhu Mahapatra Says:

    Is it possible to apply AADHAAR through online?


  3. J Rout Says:

    I want to apply for Adhaar card.
    Can I get contact no of Adhar Center.

  4. admin Says:

    You can take only appointment.

  5. Prafulla Says:

    May i get an appointment date & time for submitting my documents for my Aadhar card? Regards

  6. Debashis Mohanty Says:

    I want to apply Adhar Card, can I get contact no for the same.

  7. RamaKrishna Says:

    How to get the Aadhar card which is previously returned due to address change. Can I get Bhubaneswar UID Centre?

  8. Lokanath Mohanty Says:

    How can I get the ADHAR CARD in Bhubaneswar

  9. Srianka Chakrabarty Says:

    Can I enroll in Dash Information Technlogy, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar if visit along filled application From.

    Srianka Chakrabarty

  10. Srianka Chakrabarty Says:

    My parents got the Aadhar Card

  11. admin Says:


  12. admin Says:

    Please call them before you visit to the enrollment center.

  13. prafulla Says:

    I tried to call the Dash IT centre mentioned above for contact but phone have been switch off. Plse tell me any other number to whom ican contact for aadhar card regarding.
    prafulla nayak

  14. Prasanta Says:

    Please advice how to enroll and get aadhar card in Bhubaneswar

  15. mahendra kumar pradhan Says:

    please guide me how i can apply for my aadhar card in bhubaneswar.

  16. suryananda das Says:

    how to get aadhar card at in bhubaneswar, kindly guide.

  17. Suman Singh Says:

    Please guide me how to get aadhar card in bhubaneswar.

  18. Subash Chandra Tripathy Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a NRI and both myself and my wife live in Saudi Arabia. We are planning a short visit of about one week during 1st week of November 2013.
    Request; seek guidance how can we complete all the formality to enroll ourselves for ADHAR Card.

  19. Gyanaranjan dash Says:


    I am at Sahidnagar, Bhubaneswar;Pl. advice,where can I enroll myself to get an Adar Card.

    With Regards.

    Gyanaranjan Dash


    I want to apply for aadhar card .
    Can I get contact no of Aadhar card center at Bhubaneswar in chandrasekhar pur

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