The Hajipur is a developing town of Bihar state and approx 10 km away from Patna city. Hajipur town is famous for producing high quality and bulk bananas in entire eastern part of India. There are also several tourist place in Hajipur like Nepali Mandir, Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Sonepur Mela etc.


Purnia is a medium size town comes under Bihar state.  Purnia is approx 300 km away from Patna city.  The original name of Purnia is derived from Sanskrit word i.e. Puma means forest. After recent development of Bihar state, several malls open in Purnia city.


Gaya is another most beautiful city of Bihar state which is approx 100 km away from Patna city.  Bodh Gaya the holy place is also located in Gaya district itself.


Munger  (मुंगेर)) a small and beautiful city of Bihar state located in eastern part.  Earlier before Independence – Munger was known for producing top notch quality of swords used in war.


Darbhanga is a small and beautiful city of Bihar state and very near to Nepal country.  Government of  India started Aadhar card last year in 2011 however there is only 1 Aadhar card center in Darbhanga city.


Patna (पटना  – in Hindi) is one of the fastest developing city of India. Patna city is also the capital of Bihar state. The Govt. has started providing Aadhar card in Patna city from several enrollment center.