The Bhubaneswar city is the capital of Orissa state (now it’s known ias Odisha). It’s also one of the largest city of Odisha state. before independence of India Cuttak was the capital of Orrisa state but later became Bhubaneswar capital state.


Cuttack a beautiful city and one of the biggest city of Orissa state.  The word ‘Cuttack’ is derived from Sanskirt word means camp.  Cuttack city is close to sea. It’s around 30 km distance away from capital city of Bhubaneswar.  Cuttack is also very close to Puri (a tourist destination).


Khordha is a beautiful place, district near to Puri city comes under Orissa state. This Khordha is a small town and district located near to sea beach.


Sundargarh city is also known as Sundargarh located in northern part of Orissa.  The Sundargarh city touched the boundary of Jharkhand. The people of  Sundargarh who  are not yet applied for Aadhar card can go to below enrollment center.