Check Status

Checking Aadhar Card status is easy now.  You need only two details in order to check the status:

1) Enrolment No.

2) Date and Time


Here is how enrollment form looks like where you have to enter above given 2 details.


Once you have filled up the details then enter the captcha given just above submit button.



Once you click on Submit button – it will display the current status on to the same page, enjoy!!

How to check STATUS: Click here

59 Responses to “Check Status”

  1. rajesh kumar thantry Says:

    dear sir

    pls inform satus of the aadhar card , no is 1216,01186,00624,01.10.2011,14.18.29

  2. irshad ahmad Says:

    i have not received my card yet.

    My Name=irshad ahmad
    Enrolment No=1088/10009/02030
    date=10/08/2011 and Time=11:04:42

  3. sanjay kumar Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had enrolled my wife on 13.08.12, and there was some mistake which I informed on 14.08.12.
    I want to know whether the mistake was corrected or not. How I can view that card ?
    If the correction is not done, may I enroll her once again ?
    Her receipt details are :
    1098/90112/04299 dt.13.08.2012 time 12:11:13

    Please let me know the status of the above AADHAR CARD.


  4. MSN Murty Says:

    Almost one year completed still there is no delivery not even follow up action. Request for immediate action for delivery.


    Almost one year completed still there is no delivery not even follow up action.Request for immediate action for dilivery. Sangeeta mathur
    My address – HEC – SEC – 2,B/1244 RANCHI (JHARKHAND) PIN – 834004

  6. Divya Says:

    I am not recieved my aadhar card but in the Dr.shivaram karanth nagar post office whene we enquired on that time they are telling it was delivered. Enrollment No.1218/12145/05694
    Date14/01/2012 Time 14:11:.07

  7. Prakash Kumar Kahar Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly give me status of my wife enrolment no.1190/60035/00115 dt 25-09-2011 time-13:07:59

  8. NARESH B Says:

    have enrolled on 14/12/2011
    my enrolment No:1001/21099/23472

    enrolment time: 14/12/2011 09:43:22

    Past 6 months that status is ur EDI details not available right now. try after few days.

  9. kamlakar Says:

    still we have not received aadhar card

    Enrolment no: 1218/61650/04542

  10. Laxmi Gummala Says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I had applied for the Aadhar Card on 25/07/2012 but still I have not received it on going through the Addhar Card Official Website its showing that your Aadhar Card is generated & you will receive it shortly this messages is showing from past 20 days Details
    Enrolment No. 1074/50182/00900
    Date : 25/07/2012 13:06:50

  11. Jagdish S. Gummala Says:

    My whole family members have applied for the Aadhar Card on 25/07/2012 but we still not received it. On going through its Official Website it is showing as your Aadhar Card is generated & you will receive it shortly. I am seeing this message since from past 20 days the details is as follows:-
    Enrolment No. Date
    1074/50182/00900 25/07/2012 13:06:50
    1074/50182/00901 25/07/2012 13:14:55
    1074/50188/01082 25/07/2012 13:26:08
    1074/50188/01081 25/07/2012 13:19:40
    1074/50197/00463 25/07/2012 13:24:04

  12. Tomy varghese Says:

    My whole family member’s (4) particulars were taken on 02/09/12 by the enumerator vide form No.01284812 and told that we will contact you very soon for further process. But till date havenot heard anything. Please expedite as everyone in our area have already received the Aadhar card. (Rjouri

  13. md. shahnawaz sherwani Says:

    I have enrol on 23/08/2011 with enrolment no. of 1093/40001/00293
    plz send my adhar card
    if u make stupid to us so plz stop that type of activites

  14. Meena Uniyal Says:

    I had applied Aadhaar Card on 10/06/2012 but still I have not received it on going through the Adhaar Card Official Website its showing that your your Aadhar Card is generated.

    Enrolment No. 1190/33194/00999
    Date: 10/06/2012 18:01:34

  15. Anil Danga Says:

    I had applied Aadhar Card on 29.08.2012 but still I have not received it on going through the Aadhar Card Official Website its showing that your Aadhar Card is generated.

    Enrolment No. 1050/08302/00150
    Date : 29/08/2012 17:17:20

  16. admin Says:

    Hi Anil,

    Keep following Official website of UID Aadhar card. After few weeks it should arrive to your PO area.

  17. Amrith Poojary Says:


    My name is Amrith Poojary, first of all your contact no 1800-180-1947 is not in service.

    coming to my question

    I checked my and my families aadhar card status, it states it has been returned Unclaimed on 19/06/2012.

    I want to know, what should me and my family need to do to get their Aadhar card..

    I have mentioned below names and enrolment no for myself and my family members.

    I would request your prompt reply, i have checked with the post office it is not with them, they informed that it has been returned back to the organisation.

    Name Enrolment date issued
    Janardhan Narayan Poojary 1104/20113/06319 02/07/2011 16:09:26

    Shakuntala Jarnardhan Poojary 1104/20113/06320 02/07/2011 16:19:15

    Amrith Janardhan Poojary 1104/20113/06321 02/07/2011 16:22:59

    Anil Janardhan Poojary 1104/20113/06322 02/07/2011 16:27:29

    Ashok Janardhana Poojary
    1104/20396/10811 07/09/2011 12:19:08

    please help me no one is replying to the emails i have sent, what needs to be done now?
    any one

  18. admin Says:

    Hi Amrith,

    Sorry to hear about delayed in your Aadhar card. Kindly located your nearest center from “Locate Center” located on Right hand side of the website where you can find the phone no. and query for the same.

  19. Sreenu Says:

    i had applied aadhar card for my child on 23-11-2011.Already one year passed away yet i couldn’t understand what the status.Please provide me the details where it has stuck up and when it may delivered to us.

    Enrollment Name and date issued 1189/10656/12619 Dt:23/09/2011

    Please help me…

  20. admin Says:

    Hi Sreenu,

    Kindly track your status and check whether it has been dispatch or not. If dispatch then ple check your nearest post office.

  21. rakesh kumar Says:

    sir i lost my adharcard enroolment slip how cani get it back..please help

  22. admin Says:

    Dear Rakesh,

    We have added new link called ‘Aadhar card lost’ – please check this link to know more.

  23. Gurunadham Mitikela Says:

    Dear sir,
    I updated my aadhar by removing some errors and I uploaded proper supporting proof documents. After my request has been submitted, I got an URN to track my
    aadhar card status… Here where can I use that URN to track the status of my aadhar card. Please help me. by giving the path using URN to track the status.

  24. admin Says:

    You can check status on above given link.

  25. Sreenu Says:

    Dear Sir;

    As per your forward mail i had tracked and inquired by the post office no one is giving me the proper answer for the above details

    1189/10656/12619 23/09/2011 15:07:13 now you only please help me


    Vsvd rao

  26. kumari.s Says:

    Dear sir,

    I am updated aadhaar card details . please let me know sir
    name: somanadham

    Thanking You,


    I had applied adhar card but sitll i have not recieved adhar card. online status shown that your adhar card is under generation. please reply me what cank i do for it.
    my adhar id is
    date & time is

  28. Himakshi Yogesh Shah Says:

    Hiiii before one month and 18 days I enrolled for adhar card …so when I will get this….so me the status….

  29. Mohammed Yaseen Says:

    Dear Sir
    I have enrol my aadhaar card Two year back but yet not received when ever i check my Status online i got an information that ” Provided EID by is still not available with us. so i want to know whether i still wait or enrol my aadhar detail again. please advice me.
    Thank You

  30. aanu Says:

    Hello sir,
    I have registered for the Aadhar card on 21st February 2013.
    Still my card is not delivered to me. Can you please help me to give
    me information of that where exactly is the process of my Aadhar card?
    Details of mine:
    Enrolment No: 1007/24015/35778.
    Date & Time: 21/02/2013 15:22:35

  31. ravi kumar machiraju Says:

    dear sir,
    iam updated aadhar details twice in amalapuarm.still yet i not received my aadhar card
    name : machiraju ravi kumar

  32. admin Says:

    Dear Annu,

    It’s not even 3 month, it usually take 6 month to 1 year depending on several factors. Please wait, it should deliver soon. You can also check the status of Aadhar time by time.

  33. admin Says:

    Dear Sharma ji,

    Please check it after few days as it showing under generation so it might few more week.

  34. N.S. Shyam Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have enrolled my aadhar on 13.03.2013 and received a message on 17.04.2013 that my Aadhar number is successfully generated and will get the card soonly. Can you pls provide me the card number and also confirm the despatch details.

    Shyam N.S

  35. Pooja Says:

    Enrolment No. 1177/70046/00124
    Date: 21/11/2012 16:07:11

    Its almost 4 months but still there is no information my Aadhar Card. Will you be able to help me to find out the status or is there any contact number or email Id where I can connect to find the details.

    Thanks in Advance

  36. Sanjeev kumar.B Says:

    Dear Sir,
    please let me know my addhar card status
    enrollment no.2003/34040/06856

    date&time.01/03/2013 15:26:26

  37. N.S. Shyam Says:

    Hi Admin,

    I have checked the status through SMS service and your Aadhar is generated.

    Tnx, Shyam

  38. manish Says:

    what the hell is this. this status check option is not working. i can not type anything in this. what a joke this is, i am trying from long time. but its not working, then how can anyone check his/her status

  39. NAGARAJA Says:

    I have received message on 14/03/2013 stating that my aadhaar has been successfully generated and you will receive the Aadhaar Letter soon” Enrollment No.1377 / 40332 / 00481 dated 22/2/2013. But still i havn’t received my aadhaar letter. Please guide me in this regard and thanks.

  40. S.Anand Says:

    Dear Sir
    my enrollment number is 2017 60200 04518
    And date is 11 02 2013
    time 10 29 29
    So far I have not received any response.
    Please do the needful.

  41. Chander Deep Says:

    I had applied aadhar Card on 09/10/2011 with my all family member but I still not received the aadhar card of my self and my family aadhar card allready received by post my enrolment no 1119/10085/12020 dated 09/10/2011 time 13:45:15
    Kindly advise.

  42. Davinder Bahadur Says:

    Dear Sir

    Pls Provided The My aadhar Card as per Inquiry Post office Parwanoo But No Responses So pls Send The My Addhar Card Details Below:-
    Name-Davinder Bahadur,S/O:Ram Bahadur
    Enrolment No-1218/65054/00345
    Date and Time-29/09/2012,17:55:48

    Thanking You
    Davinder Bahadur

  43. PRAMOD KUMAR Says:

    Dear sir
    kindly provide My Aadhar card
    online track status this EID provide by you is still not available with us. please check back after few days
    My Aadhar card Details below
    Name Pramod kumar
    S/O shri chhedi lal
    Enrolment no. 1207/04030/04209
    Date and Time 19/09/2012/10/06/51

  44. hussain ahmed Says:

    Dear sir,

    Kindly provide My Aadhar card

    i has applied my aadhar card on 23-03-2013, and still there is no responce. My Aadhar enrolment details are :

    Enrolment no : 1027/28903/00806

    Date : 23/03/2013 Time : 15:58:25

    Thanking You,

  45. lokesh Says:

    I have applied in 2011, details below
    Enrollment Number: 1027/00145/02427 dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss 23/04/2011 21:38:57

    when i checked the status in the website it is showing the following same message from past 5 months:
    Your Aadhaar number is under generation. Please check back after few days”

    The helpline number doesnt work at all. The email id to get the support might be working but they wont respond at all. Such a poor implementation of a prestigious project.


  46. admin Says:

    Dear Lokesh,

    Try to check after couple of week as i have seen that usually it take approx 6 to 1 year time in order to receive it.

  47. Deepika Shroff Says:

    Also I would lik to inform u that my Aadhar card has been generated as I hav recd an text on 17th April 2013 but still i hav’nt recd it. why so???

  48. admin Says:

    Dear Deepika,

    It should come in couple of week as it usually take time.

  49. Vudathala.Rama Says:

    May I know sending details of Aadhaar card?

  50. vikas Says:

    i want information about my cliant from his adhar card no-754679388***

  51. Shridhar Chakkadi Says:

    I Have not received the Adhar card. How Should get the Adhar Car ? Pls Informe Me.
    Shridhar chakkadi


    I had completed the Adhar card process in Tumkur Center on 16-03-2011 and till now I have not received the Adhar Card. Let me know the status.


  53. naveen l lobo Says:

    Hello my nam is naveen.I had complete my adhar carrd process in 12/2/2013 please let me know how long will take process.Thanks

  54. mangesh pathade Says:

    dear sir,
    i had applied for aadhar card before 4 month but still i have not recieved and unfortunately i lost enrollment receipt. so how i know about that and when me meet the aadhar card.
    pls. revert me with proper guidenance.

    thank you

  55. admin Says:

    Without enrollment slip it’s hard to find it out.

  56. admin Says:

    Keep checking your status in every 1-2 week, it should reach in 3-5 month of time.

  57. B.R.patil Says:

    Sir, I requested for change of address in My adhar Card No. 3493 ******* Kindly let me know whether the change is done or not.

  58. narinder kumar gupta Says:

    Please provide me status of myself & my wife aadhar status
    1. enrolment no. 1308/82709/76308 14:31:48 Narinder
    2.1308/20234/20345 14:01:24 Kiran lata

    Narinder Kumar Gupta

  59. ranbir singh Says:

    my enrolment no. 1190/83214/01258 dated 04/03/2015 at 10:56:48, and my wife named suman lata enrolment no. 1190/83214/01253 dated 04/03/2015 time 10:32:57, both cards not received. please reply

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