Documents needed for Aadhaar card

While applying for Aadhar Card you must have necessary documents. As aadhar card is a very important document, for the sake of enrollment and registration, you need to provide two types of proofs. The first one is the document that proves your identity and second one ought to prove your address. Both address proof and identity proof have to be authentic documents, which are verified by the government.



Address proof can be submitted in the form of following documents:


All those applicants who do not have any of the above documents can take the help of introducers to get the Aadhaar card.


96 Responses to “Documents needed for Aadhaar card”

  1. sushma kalekar Says:

    i am married .my old name is sushma v, my new name is sushma k. kalekar.i am having only my marriage certificate as proof. my voters id card is in old name. so please advise me .

  2. sushma kalekar Says:

    i am married. my pld name is sushma my new name is sushma k.kalekar.i am having only my marriage certificate as proof .my voters id card is in old name. so please advise me how to get aadhar in my new name.

  3. admin Says:

    Hi Sushma,

    Kindly find more details about required documents for Aadhar card here:

  4. Pratap Magalal Rathod Says:

    for aadhar card registion detail require


    I reside in Salunke Vihar Road / NIBM area .
    I was out of station and have come back now .
    Need to make Aadhar card on ,
    please give nearest location of customer service in my area .


  6. Sunita dassani Says:

    I live on rent. Can I submit electricty bill of this flat as address proof for aadhhar card.

  7. admin Says:

    Hi Sunita,

    Submitting someone else electricity bill as a address proof won’t be accepted. If you have college ID card of the same city or LPG Gas connection or Bank account of same city might help.

  8. shalu Says:

    idont have ration card not a voter id but i want to apply aadhar card. iam staying in rented house

  9. usha rani Says:

    I am residing at avadi. I would like to have adhar card.
    Kindly give suitable date and time after 14.02.2013.

    Usha rani

  10. Jagannath Says:


    I am staying in Rental at Kottivakam chennai .
    I would like to have ADHAR CARD .

    kindly guid me how I get my ADHAR CARD .

    I have PAN CARD . Votar ID(odisha) Bank pass book with chennai Address.


  11. admin Says:

    Hi Jagannath,

    You have all the documents required to apply for Aadhar card. Kindly located your nearest center from ‘Locate Center’ Link which is located on Right Hand Side of the website.

  12. vidya sashital Says:

    My daughter holds a foreign passport. She lives in India on a PIO card. Can she apply for a adhaar if so can you give me a list of documents required?

    Thanks in advance

  13. admin Says:

    Dear Sashital,

    Yes your daughter can apply for Aadhar card. Please read our ‘NRI’ post located on Top Navigation for more information.

  14. kamal kumar Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am From Hyderabad(AndhraPradesh), when i select Andhrapradesh state , i can see the only 3 districts in the list, how can i select hyderabad?


  15. admin Says:

    Dear Kamal,

    We are adding more dist of Andhra Pradesh. Regarding Hyderabad – its listed under ‘Locate Center’.

  16. Ipsita Patra Says:

    I am from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Where do i enroll myself ? I am not able to locate my center.

  17. SURESH Says:

    Sir, am Suresh from Ambattur, Please send me the enrollment address to enroll aadhaar card in chennai.

  18. admin Says:

    Dear Suresh,

    Kindly find campus from right hand side link ‘Locate Center’.

  19. admin Says:

    Dear Patra,

    Kindly locate ‘Orissa’ center from ‘Locate Center’ link located on Right Hand Side of the website.

  20. valerius ekka Says:

    i’m a student of st. Vincent Palloti College, Kapa (near Lodhi Para Chawk) Raipur.
    Kindly, inform the Nearest centre to get aadhar kard…

    Valerius Ekka

  21. Arshad Says:

    i live in jehanabad Bihar i want to know my nearest aadhar card center.plz give me detail how can i make my aadhar card

  22. admin Says:

    Dear Arshad,

    We have listed over 5 district of Bihar – ple check from ‘Locate center’.

  23. Anil Nule Says:

    Dear Admin,
    I am living in Chinchwad,Pune on Rent I have Rent agreement & Electrical Bill & also have a Bank Account In Chinchwad,Pune so shall I apply for Aadhaar Card.

  24. admin Says:

    Hi Anil,

    You have enough document to apply for, go ahead, best wishes!!

  25. Anil Says:

    i don’t have Ration card not a voter id but i want to apply adhar card i am staying in my new house kindly give a details suitabale documents to apply a adhar card.

  26. admin Says:

    Hi Anil,

    You need 2 documents – ID Proof (with your photo) and Address Proof. Try to find these 2 details and reach your nearest campus.

    Good Luck.

  27. ashutosh Says:

    i have got married on 23.01.2013. but my wife have only marks & 10th marks sheet with photo issued by CBSE board. plz guide me how can i make her aadhar card. let me know the address where the aadhar card center at raipur (chhattisgarh).

  28. S.KIRANKUMAR Says:

    actually i am native of Devarakonda, Nalgonda(Dist),Andhra Pradesh. cuurently i am staying at bangalore can i apply and get my aadhar card from bangalore?

  29. Gayathri Says:


    I have my PAN Card for ID Proof, BSNL Landline bill for Address proof. Is this enough to apply for aadhar card.


  30. admin Says:

    Hi Gayathri,

    Pan Card would be enough for ID Proof and BSNL bill is good for address proof, you can go ahead.

  31. admin Says:

    Yes, go ahead!!

  32. Raj Says:

    Hello Admin,

    Can i use SBI bank statement as address proof? i took the same 9 months before . Is it valid Please let me know.

  33. admin Says:

    Dear Sushma,

    You can always go to your bank and update the passbook, that’s the best solution for address proof.

  34. swapna Says:

    can i use my husbands address proof and my ssc memo and hospital id card for my aadhar card.

  35. deepa Says:

    Hi Admin,

    I currently stay in our own house but, we do not have any original documents for the property (registration \ sale deed ) as we have taken loan from a bank. I just want to know if the copy of sale deed will suffice for adress proof. Also, can we go to the center at any time (OR) is there any time period within which we need to apply.

  36. admin Says:

    Hi Deepa,

    Not necessary to provide sales deed of your property, Telephone Bill / Ration Card or Bank Passbook is enough for address proof.

  37. Gayathri Says:


    I am from Chennai. Is it possible to apply the Aadhar card online? If so, Please tell me the procedure.


  38. Akshay Shah Says:

    Currently, i am working at Bombay & my home town is Surat. Can i apply online from Bombay for Surat address Adhar Card

  39. admin Says:

    Yes, you can, go ahead!!

  40. Manoj Pillai Says:

    Hi Admin, the current residence electricity bill is on my name hence I have all documents to apply for Adhar card. However my mom and dad have only voter cards as identity proof and no address proof. How can I apply for my parents. Please assist.

  41. sumit Says:

    I M frm mumbai m having adhar card at my native place at ratnagiri n i want to issue a new adha card at my mumbai address.. so i can be elegible for the same…

  42. admin Says:

    Voter ID card is enough to apply for UID card, go ahead!!

  43. Gayathri Says:


    I am from Chennai. Is it possible to apply the Aadhar card online? If it so, please tell me the procedure.


  44. Saurav Says:

    I have PAN Card with me and Driving Licenses , what is the procedure to get introduces from other person who have adhar card.

  45. Chandra Says:

    Hi, sir i hav goverment photo id card and bank passbok but addres is not same can i make adhar card plez help me…

  46. Chandramohan Says:

    I am from chennai. Is it possible to apply online? Kindly let me know the procedure.

  47. Daniel Devadoss Says:

    My Son is 8 years old. Can I apply Aadhar Card for him. If yes, then will father’s and mother’s introduction be enough for applying?

  48. admin Says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Yes thats fine, go ahead!!

  49. heeralal kumawat Says:

    I have with me driving lieances,what is the procedure to get infroduces from other person who have adhar card

  50. vasudevan Says:

    Dear Admin,

    I’m in Chennai, i need to apply Aadhar Card. Please advice me where should i apply and submit the documents. Kindly help on this.

  51. Irshad Says:

    Dear Sir;

    I have all documents available whatever required for aadhar card, but problem of i am not available in India in this time. So please let me know how to apply online Adhar card.
    Your kind support will be highly appreciated.

    with Best Regards;

    Mohammad Irshad
    Bihar (India)

  52. Venkat Says:

    how about for the people who live outside the country? Is there any options available to apply thru online..

    thanks for your help.

  53. admin Says:

    No option, you have to come down to India!!

  54. Kishore Says:


    I am staying in a Mansion in chennai but having licence, passport and voter id with my native address (Namakkal).
    Please confirm whether i can apply my aadhaar card in chennai.


    Dear Admin,
    I enrolled Aadhar Card on 15th April 2013. My Enrollment Number is ‘1177/81121/01315′ and Date ’15/04/2013 11:57:32′.

    I am checking the status online but it is not giving any information.

    Is there any time period after that we can check my status online?

  56. srinivasan.s Says:

    I am staying in Chennai with my daughter at present.My all id proofs are of Maharashtra.Can i apply for adshar card from Chennai?

  57. admin Says:

    Yes, you can!!

  58. admin Says:

    Go ahead!!

  59. jyoti narayan Says:

    i am studying in a college which is out of state, may i use this in bihar for identity proof.
    I have admit card issued by cbse board for class 10th nd 12th….may i use the same?

    For address proof mai i use the residential proof issued by bihar government….May i use the same?

  60. manisha Says:

    I am a trainee pilot from madras flying club . i got my student pilot license from DGCA & airport entry pass from BCAS for ID proof & ration card for address proof is that enough to apply for aadhaar card?

  61. admin Says:

    Yes, go ahead!!

  62. admin Says:

    Yes, you can use it!!

  63. Suresh Says:

    I am From Royapettah , i have only PAN card , no other proff for address , how i will get the ADHAR CARD? and in which location i need to go & get the card?

  64. Aishwarya Says:

    I have Delhi’s voter ID and Driving License.
    But I recently got married and am in Chennai with my husband. We have landline bills, but in my husband’s name (we live in a rented house) and insurance policy also.
    Can these be used as address proof for me?

  65. Sudhakar Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am sudhakar, My wife is not having any Voter ID, Passport, Photo Credit Card. She is having only Bank Passbook, can we submit for ID Proof towards getting Aadhar Card. Please clarify ASAP.

  66. admin Says:

    Dear Sudhakar,

    Make sure that the bank passbook must have your wife photo along with stamp. Take photo copy the of passbook where address and photo is affixed and bring both photo-copy and original documents. It should work.

  67. Sunita Suresh Thakre Says:

    i am leaving on rental basis at nagpur since last 36 years i have not a photo identity and address proof. How can i applied for adhar card.

  68. Subhra Dutta Says:


    I am from differnt state but staying here for last 8 years.
    I have passpost/Voter ID card in my native address but bank statement having the local address.
    MY wife also have passport/Voter ID card with my native address.
    My son born here and have corporation birth certificate.

    Can we apply adhar card from chennai? Please advice

    Subhra Dutta

  69. Aliya Says:

    I want to update my Aadhar card’s mobile number and address through post (offline). I have SBI passbook (three weeks old) on my name and Electricity and Telephone bill on my father’s name of the new address. With the update form can i attach the photocopies of these documents or do i have to attach the original documents? How much time will it take to update my Aadhar card?

  70. androidgalaxyman Says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am having salary account,i dont have passbook. For this case (Address proof), do i need to supply both document 1. Bank Statement 2. Signed Letter from Bank with Photo / Bank Letter Head?

  71. arun Says:

    i have applied for adhaar card in may 2012 providing ration card as proof but we cancelled our ration card do i have to apply for adhaar card again.pls give a reply sir.

  72. amit Says:

    is airtel landline bill is valid for address proof for aadhar card…

  73. kamatchi Says:

    I have changed my name (kamatchi) to (kamatchi indrakumar).I want to know in which name should i get my aadhar card.pls note:I have changed my name in ration card as kamatchi indrakumar.

  74. Muthukumar Says:

    Dear Sir My name is muthukumar. I would like to apply aadhar card for my wife and my mother. My wife doesn’t have address proof for the current addrdess but we have marriage that enough? Kindly help me..

  75. Rahul Goswami Says:

    i live in dewas city of madhya pradesh……i dont have the location for adhar card registration so please help me to lacate…

  76. admin Says:

    Dear Rahul,

    Kindly use search button to locate nearest center.

  77. aaditri Says:

    hi sir i have to change my name (vasamsetti aaditri) so my new name ( vasamsetti sai shravya) so how can i change my name?

  78. srinivas rao Says:

    hi sir i have change my name doughter how can i change

  79. nisha Says:

    sir, I am m pursuing my studies in dehradun and I am m original from sikkim..Sir, can i apply for aadhar card in Dehradun itself?

  80. Sheena Says:

    i am married my old name is Sheena Mathew my new name is Sheena Shibu i am having only marriage certificate as proof in new address voter id and passport is old address please advise me for new address adhar card

  81. liji Says:

    Hi sir
    My mother has voter id proof from kerala and now she stays with me in Bangalore. Can I apply with the same id proof in Bangalore that ok?

  82. admin Says:

    Yes, it’s ok, go ahead!!

  83. admin Says:

    yes, it should work.

  84. Ansh Says:

    I know I have to show original documents. But do I submit originals or photcopies?

  85. admin Says:

    Only photo-copy of your document.

  86. Satish Das Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have proper document for myself but my wife has only PAN card as ID proof & my daughter has her school identity card, please suggest what document i need to submit for my wife & my daughter

  87. Ansh Says:

    Thanks, Admin.
    I had applied on last friday and have my acknowledgment slip. However status still shows “EID isn’t available. Please check back a few days later”?

  88. varadha Says:

    hi its varadha am 18 years old …. i dont have driving lisence .. it is yet to be applied … what proofs must be given by my side !! . and tell me procedures to get the card in a right way !

  89. Rajesh Says:

    Is the bank statement of Pvt banks considered for address proof or nationalised bank’s statement is required?

  90. admin Says:

    It should worked.

  91. Ansh Says:

    yes, pvt bank statement is fine

  92. Ananda Says:

    I am staying in selaiyur , i need to apply for aadhar card now. could you please advise ..Thanks in Advance!

  93. subhra dutta Says:


    I am from different state[West bengal] but staying in chennai for last 8 years. I have passport/Votee ID card in my native address but Bank account having local address.MY wife also have passport/voter id with my native address. My son born in chennai and have chennai corporarion birth certificate.
    Can we all apply Aadhar card in chennai. Please advice.

    Subhra Dutta

  94. Ansh Says:

    yes, Subhra, you can. For you, passport is POI and proof of DOB, bank statement is POA.
    For your wife, Passport is POI and Proof of DOB. If the passport also has spouse name endorsed, then it is proof of relationship to you.
    Your son’s BC is POI, Proof of DOB and proof of relationship.

  95. thailik Says:

    is passport enough for applying aadhar card???

  96. Akshay Vijrani Says:

    I applied for aadhar card.. But i lost my receipt which was given to me.. Now my aadhar is also not posted to my home. What should h do..

    Need help.. Because i wont submit for my college admission.. Please rply urgently..

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