Eligibility for Adhaar card

Aadhar card is a unique identity card which has been implemented by the government of India for all the citizens of India. The main aim behind developing this card is to reduce redundancy. For obtaining an Aadhar card proper procedure is required to be done along with the physical presence for the bio-metrics details.




The criterion for obtaining an Adhaar card is very minimal and relaxed. The main idea behind providing an Aadhar cad is to provide identity to every citizen who resides in India. Adhaar card is an advantage for both the citizens and the government. Being a citizen we need to carry different documents to provide our identity and address proof, but Aadhar card has given solution to this problem. So now only Adhaar will work as both identity as well as Address proof.  Government can keep record of every citizen through the 12 digit unique number mentioned on the Adhaar card, means  a unique number is assigned to every registered member.

4 Responses to “Eligibility for Adhaar card”

  1. ali Says:

    We are Dubai NRI .kindly advice how to apply for aadhar card from here.any aadhar card making representative offices in dubai?

  2. Medo Says:

    I am from nagaland,kindly provide me the location add. for applying aadhar card in nagaland.

  3. K.A.Sampath Says:

    I am living in chennai.I would like to obtain Aadhar card for my family in order to get monetary benefits afforded by Central Government. Please tell me the procedures

  4. chinmoy chatterjee Says:

    I am from Siliguri, dt. Darjeeling, West Bengal. Where should I apply for my Aadhar Card?

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