How to Change Aadhar Card Address or Name

Indians are facing the problem of incorrect details in Government recognized identity cards from a long time back and there is no difference in Aadhar card as well. With probably 1/3rd of the nation covered under the Aadhar card project, plenty from them are complaining about incorrect details/spelling errors in the details mentioned on the Aadhar card, of which name, wrong address, gender etc are the common ones. UIDAI after seeing the long list of complaints has finally decided to allow the provision of correcting the details/information on the Aadhar card. So now if any of you having incorrect name, address, date of dob, gender and mobile number you can easily correct it. You can request to change in Aadhar card maximum of 4 times till March 2014.

Aadhar card details can be updated by two modes:


Online: Click here to update your details:



Offline: The aadhar card correction form allow to make changes of your address, name, gender and other details. Click here to download in PDF format.

This Form looks like this:

Aadhar card correction form to update address and name

45 Responses to “How to Change Aadhar Card Address or Name”

  1. Rakesh katanguri Says:

    What we do If we changed mobile number after allotment of aadhaar.

  2. Vijaya Says:

    if i change my address by the above procedure will the government again send a new Aadhar card.

  3. admin Says:

    Once you have received the aadhar then no need to worry about Mobile no. even though it changed.

  4. syed nadeem ullah hussaini Says:

    in my aadhar card my name n date of birth is wrong, they have printed my mom name and date of birth ,how should i do the changes now

  5. sanrosh ramrao maind Says:

    my name speling change.sanrosh correct is santosh

  6. Shailu Says:

    I have correction in my aadhar card. my fathers name and my name is altered. I have enrolled on 11-08-2011. Now i can Correct my name at this time ?

  7. admin Says:

    Yes, go ahead!!

  8. Sanjay Says:

    I intend to correct my mobile number in the records. I have already received my Aadhar card. I will be sending the correction form by post, as I cannot do the correction of mobile number online. What documents are required for just changing the mobile number?

  9. hrishikesh rajurkar Says:

    I have downloaded my eadhar card from website, but it had error in my birth year (1979 instead of 1978) so subsequently i have changed online and uploaded the ssc certificate. My aadhar no is 581029317677 and URN is 00000011405707.
    Its showing status as pending for verification for last 20days . How much time is needed for this to complete ? Will the changes appear in new adhar card if i download again ?

  10. Tejaswy Says:

    When do we get the new Aadhar card that is modified through online ?

  11. admin Says:

    Hi Tejaswy,

    It can take 3 to 4 month of time.

  12. Budumuru Rushendra Rao Says:

    my surname worngly entered in aadhar card.
    wornd surname:Budumuri
    right surname:Budumuru

  13. Nargis Patel Says:

    My Aadhar card number is6258 6090 8848 , i want to change my name,currently my name is printed as Hasina Isak Patel i want to change as Nargis Isak Patel

    kindly do the needful

  14. rahul Says:

    HI.. i want 2 change my name
    i got my aadhar card. can i change it now??

  15. Lekha Says:

    My last name was initially filled in wrongly by the person who was typing it and immediately I noted it and asked him to change after spending almost half a day there. He asked me to come next day as he cant make changes immediately as it will be locked and I went the next day and got the changes done, as per the confirmation receipt I have received everything is just fine and correct but when I received the Aadhar card again I see my last name is spelt wrongly. The online correction option doesn’t work. Tell me how to go about in getting it changed.

  16. Sharlene Das Says:

    HI, i changed my last name after marriage & need my aadhar card updated with the changed name. How can i do this? I have also changed my address but its not a permanent address, its a rented place. My husband is from Bangalore so we do not have a permanent address in Mumbai. Please advise if rent documents are sufficient for address proof. Thank you.

  17. Trilok Singh Says:

    sir my name is Trilok Singh instead of Tirlok Singh and My Teh is Bhikyasain instead of Bhikasain Please do the needful changing.

    Sir My Enrolment No-1119/19999/55669 dt 13/04/201310:31:57

  18. K M Bhat Says:

    My Aadhar card no. is 253496500909. I had sent for updating address. URN No. as received in my mobile is 111/39523. on 03-01-2013. I am not able to know the status today as the enquiry is asking for 14 digit URN No. Is the request valid or I have to submit it afresh?

    K M Bhat

  19. aparna Says:

    How do I change the address online if my mobile number has changed after application?

  20. tella sirisha jyothi Says:

    i want to change my address because of my marrriage

  21. Govind Says:

    i want to change my address because of my marriage

  22. megha Says:

    i have given the address proof of our native place where i was staying there when i did my adhar card. and now we have shifted to bangalore. is it i can change my address to the current location where i m staying in bangalore

  23. baswala gandhi Says:

    sir my name is wrong entered in aadharcard ,my name is baswala gandhi but aadhar in entered baswala akashgandhi ,please change my name in the aadhar card

  24. Faisal Says:

    sir, i wanted to know that, i have received a wrong DOB 15/01/1996 instead of 15/01/1997….. im soo confused due to my mobile no. has been CHANGED and i lost my acknowledgment slip (which having date and time of enrolment) when i visit official site to change up, IT WANTS MOBILE NO.
    when i checks my mob no. it ask date and time of enrolment (which is present on the slip) please help me out………

  25. DILIP JHA Says:

    Sir MY AADHAR CARD NO. 768383697091 name is wrong entered in AADHARCARD ,My correct name is DILIP JHA but AADHARCARD in entered name DALIP JHA . So please change my correct name in the AADHARCARD.And
    please change my new address in AADHAR CARD A-83,Bilaspur camp ,Near Hanuman mandir, Molarband Village New Delhi-110044 & Mobile No. 09910840961

  26. Uma Says:

    I have taken Photograph today morning for Aadhar card in our area. There is a name field where no format is mentioned whether it should be “FIRST NAME and then SUR NAME” or “SUR NAME and then FIRST NAME” format. Could you please let me know how the name should be given/displayed in Aadhar card so that we can ensure no confusions in future.

    Also mobile number and email address is not given as it is tentative to change. Is this details mandatory?

  27. laxmi Says:

    When aadhaar is only a unique id number, why the Govt gives so much importance to this card? why should the other IDs issued by Govt of India (PAN, DL, Voter ID) be considered?

  28. manish dahiya Says:

    sir, i want to know that how i change my wife name into the adhar card ,wht documents is required.b’cus my wife adhar card is genereted before marriage , after marrige her name is change . for example:- jyoti lakra to jyoti dahiya .wht will i do for that all changes.

  29. vishaga Says:

    sir, in my adhaar card there is a speeling mistake in my name, so how should i correct it?

  30. govind Says:

    What if my surname is wrongly entered in hindi language?

  31. PREETI RAWAT Says:

    in my aadhar card there is a mistake in my address, so i want to ask you that how could i correct it?

  32. Sunil Kr AGarwal Says:

    We have enrolled for the Aadhar card, card has not yet reached. I now need to chnage my address, how can this be done so that the card comes with the new address.

  33. Sanjeevkumar Rannore Says:

    My aadhar card name is mistake Shreeya Sanjeev Rannore But should be Shreeya Sanjeevkumar Rannore .

  34. jitendra kumar Says:

    on 1st may i went to the centre to enroll for the aadhar no. i filled up the form after follow all the process i got a Acknowledgement but i found that there is a mistake in my address. so i just want to ask u that how could i correct it. i checked my status online but it is not prepared yet so please suggest me right way to resolve it…

  35. admin Says:

    Dear Jitendra,

    Please read our article ‘change my aadhar card’ in footer page.

  36. Mithun Says:

    Hello sir,
    i am not able to open the online application form to update some details. its showing “Problem loading page”. what may be the reason. is there any other link to open it.

  37. admin Says:

    Dear Mithun,

    There might be some temporary issue on aadhar site, please try after few days.

  38. karthika Says:

    i already received aadhar card,but there is a what i do?

  39. admin Says:

    Laxmi, very good point and that’s called India – Govt. have million of Rs to spend on these things rather than putting money on infrastructure.

  40. Manjeet Says:

    Mistake in my name what can I do plz tell me

  41. vaibhav Says:

    i applied for correction in my aadhaar card but i lost my URN number now what should i do please help me out

  42. shiv shambhu gupta Says:

    i want to change my home address please tell me how can be possible

  43. Lakshmipathi S Says:

    As we are tenants we have migrated from old house to new house.still we didnt receive the aadhaar card.but we have acknowledgement it possible to change the address using this slip

  44. arjunraj Says:

    which adress we will send that correction form for change of adress

  45. krishnamoorthy rao Says:

    i have not received the corrected aadhar card .the matter is already 3 months old please send the corrected aadhar card urgently.

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