How to Get Duplicate Aadhar Card

Duplicate Aadhar card is no more a problem for Indian citizens as UIDAI has come up with the solution of this problem.  Till you have your Aadhar number noted with you or if in case you have memorized it, getting a duplicate Aadhar card is not a big trouble. Problem comes if you do not have the 12 digits Aadhar number with you.


Here is 4 simple steps to apply to get duplicate aadhar card online or through helpline number :

  1. How to get your duplicate aadhar card onlineThe first step in this case is to contact UIDAI on their toll free number 1800-180-1947, and inform them about the incident. Many a times the line is too busy to get it, if by chance you are unable to reach them below mentioned steps can be followed.
  2. After Aadhar number the second most important number is the Enrollment number which we get while enrolling for Aadhar card. If you have the Enrollment number or the slip then the Aadhar number can be easily retrieved which can be sent to you via post and email. You can also get the same on mobile if during enrollment you have registered your mobile number.
  3. The registrar who helped you in enrolment for Aadhar card also plays an important role in retrieving the Aadhar number. So if you remember his name, then via him you can get your Aadhar number.
  4. If this also doesn’t work then visit the enrollment center where you enrolled for Aadhar card, they can retrieve the details by your name, address etc.

Remember if you have lost your Aadhar card getting duplicate card is very simple but the main concern is your Aadhar number. If you have your Aadhar number or somehow you can retrieve it then you will easily get you Duplicate copy of Aadhar card.

NOTE: Always note your 12 digits Aadhar number in a safe place like mobile, diary etc.

36 Responses to “How to Get Duplicate Aadhar Card”

  1. Rajini Kumar Says:

    I did not get my aadhaar card. I enrolled in Dec 2011. Till now i did not get it. I would like to take E-Aadhaar Card atleast…. Please help me…

  2. admin Says:

    Dear Rajini,

    You can get e-aadhar card letter, you will need exact time, date and unique ID provided during enrollment. Please go through below (bottom) link “Print Online” for more details.

  3. P.BHASKAR Says:

    Dear sir/madam,

    please provide my duplicate aadhaar card

    Aadhaar no:3851 3392 8827


  4. Sam Says:

    I have lost my aadhar card recently but i have my aadhar number and enrollment number so what i need to do next?

  5. admin Says:

    Hi Sam,

    Good thing is that you have the aadhar card details, you can apply for duplicate aadhar card. Please read above details for the same.

  6. Praveena Says:

    I lost my enrollment slip, which was given at the time of enrollment. Is it possible to get an aadhar card? Tell me how? Almost 2 years back enrolled. It was missed while shifting home.

  7. poonam kanwar chouhan Says:

    I lost my enrollment slip, which was given at the time of enrollment . Is it possible to get an aadhar card? plz help me

  8. mahender Says:

    I did not get my aadhaar card.I enrolled in APR 2010.Till now i did not get my aadhaar card.pls help me

  9. MD Junaid Alam Says:

    i did not get my aadhar card. i enrolled in jan 23 2013, till now i did not get.i would like to take Aadhar card please help me my aklnolagemt number is

  10. admin Says:

    Dear Poonam,

    Without slip it would be hard ti find it out.

  11. Abu kalam choudhury Says:

    i lost my enrollment slip. enroll no. 1007/10216/05685, dated. 06/05/2011 13:49:12. it it possible to get an aadhar card? plz help me.

  12. keshav sharma Says:

    I lost my Adhaar Card Slip can u please send me a Copy of it or can you tell me the procedure for getting duplicate adhaar card slip to my Mail id which is mentioned

  13. admin Says:

    Dear Abu,

    Keep the details in safe place with you and keep tracking online, no need to worry!!

  14. sadanand Says:

    I have my adhaar no and its above part but lost my main card and i also don’t have enrollment slip.. so how can i get my duplicate adhaar card

  15. Mohit Says:

    Hi, I lost my Adhaar card, but I have my Adhaar no and Enrollment no, but I do not have time noted.
    Is it possible to get a duplicate copy of it, and an
    E-Adhaar copy? Thanks in advance.

  16. Dattprasad Kawale Says:

    I get adhaar number but till date I could not received adhaar card. Please help me for Printing duplicate Adhaar Card.

  17. kailash Says:

    i have lost my aadhar card. but i have 12 digit aadhar number with me. how can i get duplicate aadhar card. i have not enrollment slip.

  18. dilip p patel Says:

    please issue me dupilacate number of uid -4411 9693 4532 please do the need full.i lost the card on 5/8/2013
    dilip p patel.

  19. dilip p patel Says:

    hello sir i lost my adhar card on 05/05/2013 and i want duplicate adhar card can you please send me my addhar no is 4411 9693 4532. my mobil no is 9998295754 please do the needfull send me e-mail for conformation.
    dilip patel.

  20. saket Says:

    My adhar card is lost &I don’t know my enrolment no how can I get duplicate copy of aadhar card

  21. Aruna Manon Says:

    I have lost my aadhar card i would b grateful if you could please issue me a duplicate one my aadhar no is 1218/18842/02604

  22. Aruna Manon Says:

    Sorry for the mistake my aadhar no is 9500 7622 4073 and my enrollment no is 1218/1884/026042

  23. Sighal SK Says:

    I have my aadhar no & enrollment no. but i lost time. how do i download e-aadhar from portal? Is there any way to get the time, providing my details of enrollemt no and mobile number, name etc. Please suggest me.

  24. aishwarya.M.V. Says:

    i have lost my aadhar card plz issue me the duplicate aadhar card ,enrolment no-1218/13168/06668 and my aadhar no is
    4639 6428 6***

  25. bikash dhal Says:

    how i get new adhar card instead of old one

  26. Dhirendra Singh Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I did not get aadhar card my and my family .We have registred nov-2012 .but i have downloaded of addhar card but we have not get card . How can get aadhar card original which is send by in your office.
    Dhirendra singh

  27. avinash Says:

    sir i lost my aadhar card enrolment number paper so how do i get it back
    can i get it through my mobile num..?? plz rply me sir

  28. Sandeep sharma Says:

    Hi I missed my enlornment slip during changing house . Now I don’t have any proof for adhar card. Is it possible to get my adhar card. Or I apply for a new

  29. Niladri Sekhar Barman Says:

    Respected Sir,
    My Aadhar card is damaged by water. Shall I get duplicate Aadhar card.If yes, please tell me the procedure.

    Niladri Sekhar Barman

  30. sunchit bankra Says:

    sir i have lost my aadhar card. my aadhar no. is 719299803****.
    how can i apply for duplicate aadhar card.
    plz. reply

  31. swathi Says:

    I lost my Aadhar card,my aadhar no is 2108 7997 7*** shall i get the duplicate aadhar card. Please give me the information

  32. Rajeev Sharma Says:

    I lost my Aadhar card,my aadhar card no is 8943********* how can i apply for duplicate aadhar card Plz reply

  33. BAIJU Says:

    sir,i lost my enrollment slip.i did not get my adhhar will i get my e adhaar

  34. Divya Says:

    I lost my acknowledgement slip which indicates the date and time. how can i get the date and time to know the status of my aadhar card.

  35. Aleykutty Says:

    I have lost my enrolment slip. I do not get my adhar card till now.what can I do.

  36. rahul padhiyar Says:

    i am lost my aadhaar card plese my help and me new / duplicat aadhaar card .what can i do you ?

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