How to print your Aadhar Card online

Finally, the wait is over. The UIDAI has taken into consideration the inconveniences of people, who have not availed aadhar letter. It has launched its e-aadhar portal for the people, who have applied for aadhar and not availed it so far. You can now easily download and take the print of your aadhar letter online.

You need to have the following two things in your possession to download your e aadhar letter. Those are as follows;

  1. Enrollment number
  2. Date and Time of enrollment

How can you get the print of Aadhar Card Online?

  1. The very fist thing that you have to collect is the Enrollment No. and other details. At the time of registration for the aadhar card, the “center for registration” gives you an acknowledgement slip.  Please take the enrollment number, date and time of registration from it.
  2. Now click here to visit the official page of UIDAI where you can see a box (shown on below screen).  In the boxes shown there on the web  page, you need to mention the your name, enrollment number, date and time of the enrollment , pin code and correct code for “ captcha” and finally after rechecking the veracity in the information, you can click  on the “submit” button.
    Print your aadhar card online
  3. You will go through a verification of your mobile number after the last four digits of your registered mobile number are displayed. If the displayed number is correct, then click on “yes” and you will get a onetime password (OTP). If the number is not correct, then click on “No” and you will be a chance to correct the number. You will also receive the OTP in the corrected number.
  4. Then you can fill the OTP in the next field to obtain the electronic version of the Aadhar letter or aadhar card.
  5. Then you will be given a link to get the download of your aadhar letter and avail a print of it. This entire process is really easy without being time consuming.

61 Responses to “How to print your Aadhar Card online”

  1. Ranveer singh maini Says:

    it is very useful information that you provided, we can proof ourself in india.

  2. ashwani purohit Says:

    please send me Aadhar card on my email

  3. pavan kumar Says:

    my name is A S Pavan Kumar Vulichi.I lost my adhar card along with the acknowledgment but i have xerox copy of my adhar card but in that time is not mentioned .so can u give the details of how to get adhar time.I know my enrollement number and date but i want time of enrollement

  4. Mohammad Jamshed Alam Says:

    Dear Sir, I am facing problem in entering residence name which is mandatory but in my address ” Near Chinchwade Farm Serve No.57/2 Bijalinagar Pune(maharashtra) – 411033.” I am unable to understand what should be residence name that should be entered in residence bracket.

    Please provide solution.

    MD.Jamshed Alam

  5. Aadhar Card Says:

    Please send me my daughter’s Aadhar Card on my email. daughter’s Name:Bidhisa Sarma Sarkar, Enroll No.:1178/60078/01327 dt.23/07/2011 17:42:51

  6. admin Says:

    I guess it would be Bijalinagar, but would recommend to ask directly to the aadhar center guys.


    Please send me my mother in law’s Aadhar card on my email. Mother in law’s Name:Suman Dattaram Shinde,Enroll No. 1190/10963/96958 dt. 28/12/2011 12:28:27.

  8. B BAPI RJU Says:

    We have not given at the time enrollment my phone no, how to get otp for my adhar card.

  9. Sr. Lydia Freddy Mhatara Says:

    Dear Sir,Kindly send my Aadhar card

  10. Mandeep Kumar Says:

    Respected Sir, I have No. of My Aadhar Card, but i Have lost the Original one and original enrollment slip. Please direct me that how can i get my Adharr online without acknowledgement no and time.
    Mandeep Kumar

  11. Pranab Natta Says:

    I have downloaded the eadhar letter, but it is password protected. How to open it.

  12. santosh Says:

    I have problem in getting of aadhar card.
    so i want the download aadhar card

  13. faren kumar guin Says:

    please i am already deposited adhar card in date of 21.03.13, but my adhar card is not making so i want what i will do.

  14. Rohit Says:

    The downloaded document asks for a password. How do you know what the password is?

  15. help please Says:

    i want to know the status of aadhor card and print the e-aadhar card but i didnt give any phone number so how to do it

  16. satya sagar Says:

    I lost my aadhar card. But i havmy aadhar card no 480285895600 and i hav enrolment no and date, i dont have exact time with this details how can i get aadhar card download. pls suggest me.

  17. madhu shah Says:

    i am us citizen and also have oci card can apply for adhar card

  18. Debanuj pal Choudhury Says:

    Sir, I have downloaded my e adhar card which is password protected.
    and upon typing the code,it is termed invalid. Please help

  19. Manoharan Says:

    I have missed out my entrollment number,can you suggest how do i get the Aadhar card as i have received as of now

  20. Rahul Menon Says:

    Dear sir,
    My aadhar card no. Is 460109713644
    And enrollment no. Is 1007/40522/01253

    Can you please send me my adhar card copy online so that I can use it here. My aadhar card is at home and I work at a far away place. Please help.

  21. manoj Says:

    I received aadhar card no. But not received aadhar card ???

  22. khaihra Says:

    Sir, how to downld my Aadhaar card and Letter from internet? can you help me plz?
    My Aadhaar no is 323933967006
    my Mobile no:84658230**

  23. sumit Says:

    please generated uid 1046/67059/00156 urgent

  24. Madhulika Says:

    I am very thankful for this document which made my day. Thanks for the information and step by step guidance.

  25. Ranjita choudhury Says:

    I have snap the adharcard photo before two month in orissa.,dist-kendrapara ,via-mohakalapara ,panchayat-baradang ,village-nantar(pareswarpur) ,pin-754224
    But still not getting it now. please give the updated status with the mail id.


  26. sarwar Says:

    please my enrolment no 1040/20100/03941
    sir i have not recived my adhar card…

  27. Kishor Says:

    Thank you very much dear

  28. Amit Subash Anand Says:

    Sir I followed the instructions nd downloaded but after opening pdf fike its showing corrupt or blanm page plz send me my adhar card is this ur indian govt provides facility or such a slow process 3 month still nit recived shame on u

  29. admin Says:

    Dear Amit,

    Please try to download the file again, it should work, it might be possible that due to slow internet connection file was not downloaded properly.

  30. prema Says:

    I want to print e-aadhar card I didnot give any phone no. how to do it

  31. Gundarapu raj kumar Says:

    Hai sir I followed all the steps for downloading the file but I can’t get through that page, actually I lost my aadhaar card last month since than I trying to get that but haven’t so please help me to get back my card thank you regards.

  32. admin Says:

    Dear Gundarapu,

    You should apply for duplicate aadhar card.

  33. Md Motiur Rahman Says:

    What should we enter in Resident Name..

  34. Gundarapu raj kumar Says:

    How can we apply for duplicate aadhaar card please send me details thank you

  35. vinod Says:

    resident name means your name please put your names to the residence field and try

  36. amit chandra Says:

    hello sir i have lost my registration slip and also didn’t got my aadhar card so how can i get it pls let me know amit chandra 9450561***

  37. Vijay M. Trivedi Says:

    Name : Vijay M. Trivedi
    How can print online my aadhar card my enrolment no.1104/20******
    Address : Shreyas Cinema Marg, L.B.S. Marg, Ghatkopar (W). Mumbai – Maharashtra 400086. India

  38. narayanan Says:

    what’s mean in reident name in adhar card

  39. mr sagar pawal Says:

    sir i download d adhar card but at opening tyming it ask for passwrd?which passwrd required?

  40. Santvana Says:

    when I put in my information in the link you’ve provided to print our aadhar card, it says:

    Your enrolment status not availabe with us.

    what does this mean?

  41. sandeep sandy Says:

    Dear Sir
    What is meant by resident name…? Please reply.

  42. Rambabu Says:

    I have missed out my entrollment
    number,can you suggest how do i
    get the Aadhar card as i have
    received as of now

  43. admin Says:

    Home Name

  44. admin Says:

    Seems like your data not yet uploaded on to the server, try after few weeks.

  45. admin Says:

    It means your HOUSE NAME / Building Name.

  46. ankush Says:

    I lost my aadhar card can i get my aadhar card time and date of issue


    above mentioned e-Aadhaar portal what is meaning of Residence Name, what will fill in Residence Name block, city or Residence address.
    pls suggest me as soon as possible.

  48. admin Says:

    Dear Pushpendra,

    Residence means your Home where you live.

    Residence Name = Home / Flat Name

  49. admin Says:

    Very tough, try to visit to the same center where you enroll and request to the booth center to find out your details – you will have to tell them the date when you applied for.

  50. admin Says:

    Dear Rohit and other users,

    When you download the PDF form, you have to enter you Mobile no. and on to the registered mobile number you will received the OTP no. and that’s your password.

  51. Dhananjaya Says:

    I downloaded my adhaar card from online but if i give OTP / phone no as password the PDF file is not opening. please suggest what is the password to open document after downloading.?

  52. RAMESH JAIN Says:

    My name is Ramesh Jain. I lost my aadhar card along with acknowledgment but I have Xerox copy of my aadhar card but in that date and time is not mentioned . So can u give the details of how to get aadhar date and time. I know my enrollement number but I want date and time of enrollement.

  53. admin Says:

    Get your OTP again and try to open, it should work.

  54. rajkumar Says:

    what is residence name means?

  55. Sushma Naidu Says:

    hi, please help me to find out the center in thane G.B.Rd Thane w. And i also wanted to know my husband’s adhar card is miss placed how can we get a duplicate copy of it. We do not have the enrolment number as well. Please help us. Thankyou sushma..


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I Mr MALAYA KETAN PARIDA from jajpur road, jajpur, odisha,pin-755020 want to apply for a aadhaar card.

    MOB-07504307574 / 09438858815

  57. Denzil Paul Says:

    sir what is meant by resident name. my house doesn’t have any name. what should in enter in that box?

  58. balaji Says:

    Tried 30 times.
    Unable to download eeadhar card.Getting
    Sorry, The page you are looking for is currently unavailable.

    Please try again later.UIDAI

  59. admin Says:

    Hi Balaji,

    There must be some temporary server issue, please try again, it should work.

  60. kr Says:

    please, i dont have my enrollment no. date and time then how will i received my adhar card print.

  61. Didar Singh Sangha Says:

    I had applied for change of address for Aadhar Card No. 7647 4354 5504. I had received the soft copy on my email. Unfortunately, the email was deleted. I came to Canada in the meantime. I do not know whether Aadhar Card was delivered to my new address. Please send me the copy of my card on email. I shall be highly obliged.
    Didar Sangha

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