Why you should have Aadhar Card

Advantage and Benefits of having Adhaar cardAadhar card is a card issued by the government of India this is an unique number, no one resident can get a duplicate number as this number is directly linked to the individual biometrics. So, Aadhar card helps in finding ghost identities and identifying fake to prevent leakages.


1.    Portability: Aadhaar number is a unique universal number, which help the services and agencies to contact Unique Identification database in any corner of the country to verify any beneficiary’s identity.

2.    Identity for those who don’t have any identity documents: Usually government while providing benefits to the poor face problems in providing them all services as they have lack of proper identification documents so they don’t get any state benefit. This Adhaar card is an approved card and can be used as identity verification anywhere in the world.

3.    Benefit of Electronic transfers: UID-enabled-Bank-Account will help in offering a secure and low rate platform to residents without heavy costs attached.

4.    Aadhaar card serves as the single way of identity verification. Once you enroll yourself for this Adhaar card, then you can use this number of times.

5.    Adhaar card can be used as proof of identity while opening bank account in any bank.

6.    Adhaar card can be used as proof of identity while applying for passport

7.    Adhaar card can also be used for getting a driving license.

8.    For people who don’t have proofs and were refrained from availing any service that state government provides will avail all benefits after enrolling and getting their Adhaar card.

9.    For people who migrate this state to that state or country will help migrant’s mobility for their identity.

10.  Adhaar card serves as clear proof of identity for everyone.

11.  Adhaar card is a great potential for people living in rural areas as they can be benefitted in lot of ways once they get their won Adhaar cards.


There are unlimited uses of having an Adhaar card. So, if you do not have an Adhaar card enroll it today you can find online details as to where you can get your Adhaar card enrolled. It does not take much of the time as the process is made fast and is totally reliable so get registered for your Adhaar card and reap all the benefit, you can download aadhar card application form here. You will face no hassles at all when you have this full proof identity any work elated to your identity will be solved within seconds after supplying your Adhaar card.

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  1. ajith kumar Says:

    i am in andra pradesh how can i get tamil nadu aadhar card here?

  2. ajith kumar Says:

    can i use it at any state

  3. admin Says:


  4. RAMNATH Says:



    I am proper from bhopal (madhya pradesh)and working at nagpur (maharashtra). Please let me what are the documents I have to attach.

  6. Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharjee Says:

    I am a resident of chandannagar, dist. hooghly pin -712136 west bengal. I am in need to have a aadhar card along with my three family members. Pl let me know how do i apply and get the aadhar cards

  7. ravi Says:

    i need to have a aadhar card for me. so please tell how do i apply for aadhar card and get the aadhar card.

  8. Sunny Says:

    They say aadhaar card will help those people who do not have any identity proof to get the government benefits.. ” But how an individual will get an aadhaar card without any ID proof”.. I don’t think it will be applied completely in India till next 20-25 years with this kind of administration..!

  9. swetha Says:

    its good to have aadhar card

  10. himanshu Says:

    There are lakhs of people who are illegal Bangladeshi & Paki citizens easily getting Adhar card & Indian passports on the pretext that they are poor and have no identity. Hindustan is slowly but steadily filling up with terrorists. God only can save this India.

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